Why I Create

I create because it brings me great joy.  It is a need that I have to put paint, pen or needles to work.  I also love to give my creations to the people I love.  I feel a deeper connection with them as I share a bit of myself with them.  We both get a smile out of it.

Creating brings me back to center.  When I am stressed out or feeling like I need some space to myself I sit with my work and the world drifts away.  It doesn’t matter what medium that I chose, but working daily on some bit of creative activity just brings my day together.

It is also a way to document my life without having to write it all down.  It is more of a visual record of my moments and what I am interested in doing or commenting an event.  Creating is also a process.  I enjoy the process of expressing myself.  I enjoy taking something from a dream to a reality that I can share with others.

Currently I am working on a set of gifts for my niece.  I have several knitted objects for her and I would like to paint something for her as well to go into her package.

I have to go where my creative muse takes me at the moment.  I drift in and out of several mediums depending on my mood.  It is great to have a variety of things to go to as I like having a daily outlet.


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