Knitting bug still has me in its clutches

My creative life is still going strong, but with another medium at the moment.  I am still knitting away and not painting at the moment.  I just made a hat for a friend and continuing on with my cozy memories blanket.

I have some gifts that I want to make for my niece and nephew for their birthdays and very excited about them.  I am not knitting anything complicated, just relaxing with my knitting and letting it take the stress away.  Its a good way for me to relax and feel connected to my Mom.

I have also been away from my blog at the moment as well.  I have several things that I want to post about, but I have been hibernating a bit right now.  I want to continue with this blog which is one of the reasons I am checking in today.

I am enjoying the knitting mojo for the time being and letting the painting inspiration marinate for now.


2 thoughts on “Knitting bug still has me in its clutches

  1. Aunt Donna says:

    Hi Tonya! Was just thinking this morning when I was out for my walk, haven’t seen a blog from Tonya in a while! Good to hear from you and glad you are enjoying your knitting projects. I have an afghan I started about 8 years ago and I pulled it out several weeks ago and am determined to finish it!!!!! Have fun making the kids birthday gifts! Love you!


    • cheekiemunkie says:

      Yes I’ve been quiet for the past two weeks online. I think the cold weather has taken its toll and has me hibernating and knitting. I want to get back to regular routine but I think that will come with some warm weather. Have fun with the afghan it’s exciting pulling out those old projects.


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