A trip to the MoMA

A couple of weeks ago I went to the MoMA to see Matisse the Cut-Outs.  While I was there I stopped by a few galleries…my favorite paintings to see and get inspiration.

I first stopped by to see other work completed by Matisse.  His range in the years that he created is fantastic.  This is work completed before his Cut-Outs.


I then stopped by to see Modigliani.  His work more than most others most influences my work.  His proportions and portraits are very beautiful.  This work showcased below is so languid.  I love the patchwork of colors and how the body is glowing on the sofa.  I really like how he exaggerates his proportions so the body almost feels stretched.


I then stopped by to see Rothko.  His work is so moving.  When I was in Rome quite some time ago I saw an exhibition by him.  It was so moving and so full of emotion.  It was of his color field work, but the image I am showing below is not from that series.  I thought I would show something that he is not known for.  The piece is called Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea.

IMG_1460I love the surrealist qualities to the piece.  His linework is spectacular and the touches of color here and there just dances your eye along the canvas.

Going through my visit to the MoMA has reinvigorated my creativity and painting mojo.  I have been immersed in my knitting world lately which is just as creative but does not give me the same satisfaction that painting and drawing do.  There is something about drawing and painting that just connects so much of who I am on the inside to the outside world.  I feel more expressive when I am painting and drawing.  Knitting is meditative and relaxing, but does not quite release the creative spirit in me that painting and drawing do.  Back to the studio.


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