Knitting Bug…

This won’t be turning into a knitting blog, but all I did this weekend was knit. I watch A Southern Girl knits podcast and she suggested watching A Homespun House podcast. As I was catching up with Molly on  a Homespun House she showed a bunch of knitted projects that got my knitting bug going.

I have been concentrating on my art almost exclusively for the last year. I am a long time knitter, but just loving the art side of me lately. I do keep up with knitting community through podcasts and  I did knit some gifts for my family for Christmas, but very little knitting time.

What got me knitting again is a very easy, but addictive project called the Happy Memories Blanket.  Its a blanket that is a series of mired squares that uses all of the yarn in your stash.  I have a moderate stash and it did get me thinking about all the projects that I did knit the difference yarns out of.

Knitting for me is a very relaxing and enjoyable time…it connects me to my past and present.  Just like the afghan that I am knitting.  And the knitting community is such a wonderful group.  I have yet to meet a knitter I didn’t like.  It’s such and inclusive and warm group of people.

Watching the A Homespun House podcast led me to Yarngasm podcast and her indy dyed yarn at Voolenvine Yarns.  Her color sense is just so fantastic.  I had to buy a skein of yarn and I can’t wait to get the new yarn and try it out with my cozy memories blanket.  I really like supporting indy dyers.

I will return to my canvas and sketchbook this week, but right now it is the knitting bug that I caught and it has me in its throws.


4 thoughts on “Knitting Bug…

  1. Aunt Donna says:

    So happy to hear that you continue to knit Tonya. I knit early on, but got hooked on Crocheting. Working on a couple projects myself. The Happy Memories Blanket sounds fascinating! Perhaps I will give that a try. Like you, I find knitting and crocheting very relaxing! Enjoy! Love ya.


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