How often do we get asked or told to go play as an adult?  Not too often in our daily lives.  But art and creative outlets give us the chance to do just that.  Last night I just randomly picked out two delusions spray inks and just sprayed them in my sketchbook.  It got me so excited to start playing  in my journal.

Playing with your creative life is so important.  You discover things with your materials or techniques that you may not have thought of before.  It may lead to new subject matter or symbol in your work.

This is something that has taken me the last year to really discover.  I have heard various teachers say just play with your supplies, but I was so caught up with technique at first that it eluded me.  I believe yet again that it is confidence in yourself that leads you to playing.  I feel much more comfortable with art that I feel that I can let go sometimes.  But I still have a ways to go before I feel like I am not thinking so hard about exactly what I am doing.

It comes back to daily painting or creating again.  Showing up to your creative space and putting in the work or time.  Looking at a lot of wonderful projects is great, but I can say from first hand experience that working at my craft often has taken me along way to feeling confident in my work.

I have experimented a lot in the last year with various supplies.  But there is so much more to learn and the only way to achieve that level of “mastery” is to play.  It is also a great stress reliever.  This is because what you do with your art can be just for you.  You can put anything you want on the page and escape or face the current moment you are in.  There are just so many possibilities when you let yourself play.


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