Where are you at the moment?  How are you feeling; where is your mind?  Are you having trouble getting into the flow or is it right on? Is it important for creating though?  So much of creating for me is floating away and being dreamy, but is it really?  Or I am just being in my current state of being and letting go?

I have trouble being in the present moment.  I find so much of my time is spent daydreaming or thinking about what to do next or what has just happened.

I want to be more conscience of where presence takes me in my creative process.  Taking a few moments to check in with myself as I sit down in my studio and I begin to draw or paint.  Will this effect my end result?  I am going to see.  Being creative gives me the chance to explore that side of myself.

What is presence?  Is is showing up to your creative table everyday and making a couple of marks?  Is it being mindful of your current state of being?  Taking control of your creative process?  Letting go of negative self doubts that inhibit you from creating?  I  believe it is different for everyone. But slowing down and taking a few minutes for yourself is for everyone.

I know that presence should be non-judgemental and you need to take time  to do it.  Its a daily practice just like creating.  We have such busy lifestyles and so much going on that we forget where we are right now.  We may love where we are right now or dislike it a lot.  Its focusing on the right thing at the right moment.

So much of being an artist is capturing a state of being.  Whether it be on the canvas or on a page or whatever your medium is.

What is your present moment now?  Let me know.


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