Getting into the flow is a sublime state of being.  When you are lost in your art and the ideas move through you you enter into the dream world that I was talking about in an earlier post  You are one with your art and it can be a rapturous experience.  To find flow I believe we need to be confident in ourselves and our approach to the medium.

I find flow very easily when I am reading.  I read a lot. (I am currently reading two books — The Goldfinch and The Cuckoo’s Calling)  I am comfortable with the words on the page and the process becomes other worldly and I get lost in the book.  Now when you first start to read which for most of us is at a very young age we struggle with the new words and sounding them out which we forget because reading is second nature (for many) as we grow older.

Working on your craft is just like learning to read.  You need to sit down at the place you create and just create.  You may stumble some days and others you will find yourself falling into the flow.  Finding the flow can be stressful, difficult and down right elusive.  But I believe if we chip away at the technical issues of the craft we will fall into a place that the everyday life falls away.

For me taking classes has really bolstered my self confidence in art and has given me a foundation to build upon.  I am way more confident with my creations now than was just a year ago.

I am looking to find the flow in my own work and have occasionally tickled its edges. But I think I need to build more confidence in my brush strokes and worry less about how it looks and more about how I feel when I am creating.

The idea of flow is credited to  Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. 

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