Life Long Learning

I believe we all should be students for life.

There is a story that talks about if your cup is too full and overflowing, nothing new can get into it.  And there is a saying that life is a journey not a destination.

I am definitely a life long learner.  I constantly look for new avenues of awareness or just new skills to bring into my life.

I definitely consider myself as a student of art  I have a lifetime of learning and mastering the craft to come.  I shouldn’t even say mastering, but pushing my self to opening up to new possibilities in art.  Whether it is a new skill, a new medium or a new idea.  And I have a list of wonderful teachers and mentors that have enriched my life in ways just a year ago I wouldn’t have imagined.  I will talk more about them in another post.

Just as I was talking about inspiration yesterday being open to new ideas is of the same genre.  Being open to learning and changing through my art is what I want part of the process to be.  First I want it to be fun because if I am not having fun with it I am not going to do it.  This is something that I am doing for me.

Art challenges me and makes me look at life and myself differently.  I never thought I would be a painter of faces.  But I let it be a possibility and tried it and I love it.  It brings me great joy to see who will I be creating next with my brush and pen.  Now it has become a part of me and my identity.  I draw faces almost on a daily basis, but I am trying to make room for other subjects to be apart of the canvas too.

Leaving room in my cup will I believe enhance my understanding of art, the world and my friends and family; provide me with new possibilities; better opportunities and improve my life.



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