We are Golden

I have the song “We Are Golden” by Raphael Lake and Aaron Levy going through my head since I was organizing to create last night. It’s a great song for me to create with, walk to work and just an upbeat tune in general.

I didn’t get through a finished piece last night, but I have some shots of my messy art space to share.  I am the type of creative that needs to have all of my supplies out in the open or in close proximity to me.  Some people need to be completely organized and have a place for everything.  That is so not me.  When I create I am an organized chaos type of person. There is a home somewhere in my tiny studio for each and every supply but if it goes to where it lives I forget about it.

So right now I am trying to hone in on a color palette and letting those items sit out on my little studio desk and see what comes out of the bottles, tubes and brushes.

IMG_1415-ArtSupplies        IMG_1416-MessyDesk


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